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Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery

Good Luck Hospital is providing free surgical treatment, traveling, hospital expenses and fooding to the eligible patient of cleft lip & palate.

Cleft Lip & Palate are anomalies presenting at birth. In our country since ages, there is usually a lot of stigma associated with these birth defects. Such defects are considered to be a divine curse. Hence, the children affected by Cleft Lip & Palate have to live with life long of indignity and ire of society. They are treated on par with the untouchables. They are usually ridiculed in the society leading to a low self esteem.

The striking difference of these birth defects is, the child has absolutely normal brain development. So, timely repair of these defects is warranted, to enable the affected children to lead a normal life in the society. Those people who are financially sound, can easily opt for surgery in a good medical set up. But, unfortunately those who are poor, can not go for surgery and hence have to live with it all their life.

The ideal time for a Cleft Lip repair is 3 months and for Palate 9 months. Patients with Cleft Palate require regular follow up for speech assessment and speech therapy. Rapid progress in the field of medical technology has made surgery on these small children quite safe and unproblematic.

Check out the Before after Surgery picture Click here.