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Voice Conservative Surgery - PhonoMicroSurgery

Voice is called as mirror image of soul. People expresses their emotions through voice. Change of Voice is called Hoarseness of Voice. When the  Hoarseness of Voice extends to more than 4 weeks there is a chances of Cancer mass or Non Cancer mass Lesion.
  • According to WHO guideline hoarseness of voice more than 4 Weeks should be investigated thoroughly.
  • Any growth or mass on voice box leads to change of voice or hoarseness of voice. It may be cancer mass or non cancer mass lesion.
  • Voice endoscope helps to find out exact site and location of the growth in the voice box and software to record and analyze the problem as early as possible.
  • Growth of voice box should be excised and sent for pathological examination to exclude cancer.
  • Operation of voice box leads to detoriation of voice post operatively.
  • In our center we offer hanging operating microscopic guided Voice conservative surgery (Phonomicrosurgery) with good results.
  • Voice conservative surgery (Phonomicroscopic surgery) results in minimal scar on voice box (vocal cord). It leads to conservation of voice postoperatively.
  • We offer treatment of various Speech disorders and Functional voice problems like muscle tension dysphonia and spasmodic dysphonia and so on.